Quick Weaves
Quick Weaves are a very common and convenient way for a customer to enjoy the benefits of a trendy, new style without having to alter their own hair.  Most Quick Weaves are done on a cap (made of stocking material) that is placed on top of molded hair. My techniques involves wrap strips (heavy duty paper strips), the stocking cap for added protection from the glue and when possible sew cap around the perimeter for a longer lasting quick weave. Quick Weaves can last up to a month depending on the customer, weather and personal care of the hairstyle.
Traditional Sew-In
Sew-Ins are a common method in adding extensions to your hair. Most Sew Ins last longer and are easier to maintain than other styles because of the person's own hair being braided down and sewed with hair thread that is washable.  The desired style can be washed, colored, cut, etc. Sew Ins can be a full weave or partial. Most Sew Ins last 3 months or longer.  It is best for the client to maintain the  Sew In with regular visits to receive washing, conditioning, and re-tightening of the style. 
Versatile Sew-In
Just like a regular full head sew in the "versatile sew in" can be worn in a ponytail or pulled back from the face without a permanent part. Those who request this type of sew in usually have hair that has length and thickness so the weave and and hair give a natural look

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